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CCleaner Has Malware


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On Monday, Cisco's Talos security research division revealed that hackers sabotaged the ultra-popular, free computer-cleanup tool CCleaner for at least the last month, inserting a backdoor into updates to the application that landed in millions of personal computers. That attack betrayed basic consumer trust in CCleaner-developer Avast, and software firms more broadly, by lacing a legitimate program with malware—one distributed by a security company, no less.


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Ccleaner is made by Piriform. http://www.piriform.com/about


I started using it when it was new back in 2004.


The 32bit file was the only one that was effected by the hackers. An update was put out less than 24 hours after the news broke out. We all know what the news reporters are like, they blow things up and make it look like it is something that it is not.


Ccleaner is not the only program to get hacked lol It happens to a lot (more than is reported). This is Piriform first attack in the over 13 years that they have been active.


You can't blame companies because of hackers being idiots.

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Yep same been using it since whenever it's been that long, awesome program, the version that was messed with didn't last long all my programs went off and nuked it, the version 5.35.6210 (64-bit) is fine.

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