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Hey guys i use to stream my server with you guys .Now i have another BF3 server but i can't get to make my server to stream i have no idea how to ... i use to set it up with the streaming Hub but now is not working and i already make the exceptions  for java and still not working ...if anyone can help me on that


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you are streaming



---------- Account Information ----------
Team: EZ Company Gaming (EZC)
Website: http://ezcgaming.com/
Account ID: 15860
Streaming Status: Streaming (1 / 1)

---------- Server List ----------
BF3 -  (Streaming)

---------- User List ----------
ltcbullet (219384)

---------- Helpful Links ----------
Account Management
CVAR / MD5 Scans (Setup and Use)
PBBans Hub Flags
Master Player Index
Automated Streaming Setup
Not Streaming Fix

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Thanks yes i did it with procon and it work that way thanks one more time ..... i also use to have the tag of streaming admin that way i can check player more deeply is there any way i can get that back ?



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i apologize for the delay. Real Life has been kicking my behind.




For full PBBans streaming, here are the requirements;
Just create a ticket requesting an upgrade when your confident your website meets the requirements for full streaming;

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