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(dunno why its locked when posed a question?)


Head admins: http://bunker.aaxxss.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=5895


Awnser: There are 2 or 3, but all very busy atm. Others help out more.


Anyhow. Let me put it down this way: Create a random file with the name ETbot.cfg/UBot.cfg or w/e. Put in the stuff he suggested and test if you get booted for it. (Didn't I put it clear enough, not native english, but hope to accomplish something ^^) Some of us, including me, would really like to see if you get kicked for the name, instead of the contence.


Perhaps this convo/thingy could be done elsewhere MSN or something like that?


Quick edit: Lynxx has his case, I am interested in the things posted on our forum and would like to see if it's true or not :)


Thanks for the effort :)



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Well, again, I am a simple server Admin, so I don't understand that. I see it like this: You guys can check wether or not the violation is valid. Than comes the interesting part for myself, how if, he proves innocent (IF!), would you defend that others might have the same issues and get the violation and don't know where to go with it?


Don't get me wrong, but I find the implications quite extensive....


EDIT: Let me give an example, I join some other servers besides bunker from time to time. I get all kinds of weird named files like zzz_schoko.pk3 (Schokoheaven) and some other weird names for, what seems to be, sounds or maps, no danger in that one?


Thanks again,



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As stated before the filename will not get you banned but what is on the inside of the file.Yes if you create a file called ubot.cfg it will ban you temp until the md5 scans to check all md5 cvars if its clean the ban is removed if not the ban remains

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