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Open streaming list for everyone


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i really really dislike cheaters ;D and i do not want them on my servers, they were the reason so much servers are down in the past, the time i was active in CoD Scene i saw a lot nice servers closing becasue theyre not able to handle the problems. (okay some admins just not good ones ;D)

But enough bla bla here the idea :


What about adding a open streaming list, with no Application needed ?

supporting old games still with offline List but also with stream for everyone ? A separated service from your site used on own risk of the admins.


Streaming the official banlists to the servers, but streaming detected cheaters to PBBans is cutted from your site

and you add a pool where admins are able to download manually the lists of detected cheatery from other servers.


Again streaming goes to the servers but not from the servers to PBBans, Server banns are just offline/locally.


I think that would be better than waiting for a a unlock or not supporting older legacy games or modded servers.

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that is one way cheaters get information. we have a strict vetting policy for this very reason.


go through the process on a game that is supported to get a better idea what you/we are up against

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