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Parker says the foundation of the modern OS will be enablers (“that deliver the foundational experiences customers expect from their devices”) and delighters (“that deliver innovative human centric experiences”). Enablers consist of seamless updates that occur in the background without any interruptions, comprehensive protection from malicious attacks, the ability to be connected to Wi-Fi and 5G at all times, and sustained performance.

Delighters, on the other hand, are what elevate the experience of actually using an OS. Cloud connectivity, intelligent AI, multi-sense interaction, and something Parker calls “form factor agility,” which is quite a buzz-phrase. Finally, here is an interesting quote from Parker about the so-called modern OS from Microsoft:

These enablers and delighters underpin our vision for a Modern OS, they will provide the foundational elements for an evolution of the PC ecosystem and enable partners to deliver the more human-centric experiences of tomorrow. Microsoft is investing to enable these modern OS experiences, and to deliver new ones that take advantage of silicon advancements, powerful PCs, the cloud and power of AI.


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16 hours ago, CU - DizzyKipper said:

When MS says "evolution of the PC ecosystem" I get scared...

When anyone says "AI" is when I get scared. Didn't they learn from the Terminator series? lol


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