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@PBBans Tell the Serverhoster that u are ALIVE !


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Guys its really sad.

Most of the Gameserver Hoster do not care or do not know about PBBans, GGCStream and ACI.
ACI Doesnt care about their sh**** im really done with them, but you guys have the chance to do things better.

Write a letter to all the Game Server Hoster and explain them how to easy integrate PBBans into their service.
maybe its also a way to fund and keep your streaming services alive.


As example i configured servers for my friends at 4NetPlayers and gamed!de and there i saw they use really outdated settings and GGCStream & PBBans are wrong or not integrated. Only way is to go advanced and setup everything by own configs, and most people are to lazy for this. That was also the reason my friends asked me for help, first i thought theyre to lazy or to dump 🤣 but this server hosters have a really bad overview and its really hard to setup a good configured server.

And i saw serverhoster in the past with also a bad and confusing overview in their webinterface and outdated setup and i dont tthink they changed anyithing over the years.

But again in standard Setup of 4NetPlayers and gamed!de Servers PBBans is not working ! I mean they use the old metabans database for signatures 🤣🤬 it also seems to that FairFight, VAC and other standard Anti Cheat Systems are not activated on their service, im not 100% shure because it wasnt clear visible, the tools (Procon etc.) i used told me this, but might be that they cannot read the correct info from server/masterserver.

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On 4/6/2020 at 8:41 PM, HSMagnet said:

they have never cared. GSPs have always used A/C community/services as scapegoats


why would you patronize providers that do not have basic function enabled?

Less Cheaters online = more normal players = more fun for everyone
When i watch the kicklogs of my server (official and inofficial) they kicked over 600 Cheaters in 1 Year

Its true when u compare this to the amount of players... 500 potentional players on my servers but .. i really dont have mercy with cheaters on my "NoCheater" Servers.


And most 0815 private Serveradmins dont know how to go advanced setup or serverproviders doesnt allow to manually edit this settings and provider have outdated configurations and does not offer streaming to PBBans or GGC ..... some offer streaming to BF4DB but BF4DB is a bad joke they have cheaters as "trusted members" xD

ACI's are really competent and nice people who can deal with criticism and are constantly trying to do their best to improve their service. ahahahaaaa 🤣 look what the nice guys do with critisism

vBulletin Message

You have been banned for the following reason:
Defamatory posts about ACI in other forums

Date the ban will be lifted: Never


mann guys i'm getting too old for such child behaviour....

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