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Hi All,

Just a quick reminder.

PBBans staff are all unpaid volunteers who provide totally free services to help keep our respective gaming communities cheat free.

As PBBans grows so the bandwidth requirements etc need to be updated/increased and unfortunately this is not free :(

Any donation, no matter how small helps us to keep on top of all things required to keep PBBans as a premiere Anti Cheat site.

We have a paypal link on our main web page http://www.pbbans.com/ under Donations.

Anyone who has been with PBBans for any length of time will attest to the fact that its not often you see the begging bowl getting passed around :P

So if you have a spare bit of cash lying around and would like to see your name on our main web page listed as a site sponsor please take the 5 minutes or so to help us help you.

Thanks in advance :D

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