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BANNED ... Who did it ???


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A user of my server cant connect.

When he trys a message is showed: Banned by PB admin. :angry:

But im the only admin on server and i didnt ban him.

When i try unban him the bp says: THIS GUID DOESNT EXIST ON LIST. :blink: :blink:


What i need to do to resolv it ??? :huh: :huh:

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sounds like an IP ban,,just have him give you his ip and unban that...btw,,change your passwords,,sounds like your not the onlyone w\ access to your files ;)


If you use ftp go to server logs and see who did it {time from him would be needed} then go to ban section and look for any other bans you may have not added.

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Do you use ftp or hlsw ?

look for pb folder inside of your game folder...in that it will state any bans. I'm not very familiar w\ the ET setup , I stick mostly w\ SoF2 ,,,I'm guessing they might be simalar...


btw,,,if it says "banned by admin" then no, you arent the only one with access...someone else has admin status on your server ..if it said "banned by punkbuster" it would be for a hack or other reasons and it would state the violation. If you can get his guid and pm it here to a pbban manager they can do a indepth check for you on if he is actually banned {pb\pbban} or if it was another players doing.

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