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Windows Vista RC1


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Hi there,


Currently i'm trying out the new Windows Vista RC1 release.

When playing SOF it causes several PB warnings, something like "Insufficient OS privileges".

This is solvable by running SOF in administrator mode.

However, my clanleader warned me that my PB-screenshots are now turning out black.


I just want to inform PBBans and the SOF-community that the new operating system of Microsoft can cause problems for SOF/PB.

It might result in an honest player being banned.


I have contacted Evenbalance for advice (currently waiting response).

Maybe someone else has had similar problems and figured out how to solve it?


Please let me know.




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there are other post's re vista and gaming.


atm vista is a beta release and not supported by either microsoft or PB.

it is not recommended to combine a beta o/s and game online







btw - no one will get a ban here for producing black screenshots .. theres a mutitude of reasons why this happens that are not cheat related.

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