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Invisibility hack


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Earlier this evening a player was using an invisibility hack. This guy was doing this on Call of Duty United Offensive Servers running Base Assault game types. His name was ^^99E^^99le^^99a^^00no^^99r


What he would do is get in a jeep then disappear from view. While he was performing this hack he could not be spectated. He jumped on our Phantom Brigade UO server at and somehow crashed the server after we kicked him from it for his hack. Through All-Seeing Eye we followed him to different servers where he would do the same thing. That is use his hack, then if he was found out he would crash it.


Servers he did this to are:

Phantom Brigade UO ip


=CSA= Base Assault Server


B3:[66 Division #2 No Tanks]


I will upload some demos of him doing it when I get them from another one of the phantom brigade clan members.

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we only accept demo's/pbss from servers that stream to PBBans .. this is not a case of us saying "you dont stream so tough" its purely so we can verify via streamed info that any demo/pbss is the genuine article.

All bans that make it to our MBI have to be backed up by unrefutable evidence and this particular cheat may well be detected by running PBBans recommended cvar/md5 scans that all our streaming game admins have access to. :)

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What you can do is to check if you are running the latest Punkbuster version.

To do that with the command "/pb_sv_ver", then it displays in the console what version you are running.

For CoD:UO is should be version 1.278, if you get something else displayed type /pb_sv_update. Then you force your server to attempt a pb software update.


Edit: You should also read this Why stream to PBBans?

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