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couple of quick questions about hub


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Just a couple of quick question. What is considered as a 'long time' for the server to be emtpy, and not show as streaming? Also, what are the other planned enhanced hub features? Can't seem to find any information about it.


Thanks in advance.

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As posted on the "How to" guide:


NOTE:If your server is empty for a long time, it can be shown as non streaming.

To avoid this happening, open your pbsv.cfg and add the line: pb_sv_task 0 3600 pb_sv_ver

and restart PB.(pb_sv_restart)

This will regularly send "heartbeats" to the Hub.

The length of time before your server shows as "not streaming" seems to vary but normally does not kick in for several hours of complete inactivity.

Adding the above command line to your pbsv.cfg forces your server to stream a minute piece of info at the set interval and by doing so lets the Hub see that all is well.


The PBBans Hub is a new innovation and there are several things our coders are working on.

We already have "live" banning / dual streaming / log forwarding / enhanced cvar detection .... apologies for anything I forgot :P


Other things may be coming up soon but it depends on priorities, the main priority of any anti cheat site is to provide its clientelle with the cleanest gaming environment possible and by sticking to that ethos means that other stuff has to be placed on the back burner.

The Hub never ceases to amaze me in what its capable of and when our coders get some free time they will be able to work on what they want to instead of being forced by some slavedriver to work on reaction plans to new types of cheat :P

The one thing I can say with certainty is that the PBBans Hub is still in its infancy and there is a lot more to come from it. :)

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I don't think I need to worry too much about the server becoming inact as the most it's ever empty for is about 5 minutes :P But I'll add the 'heartbeat' to the config all the same. Thanks for the extra bits of info about the hub. Helped to understand it better :)

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