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deleting my registered nick


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hiya there,


just curious. i registered for this nickname several days ago. Today, i went to check my personal website stats and noticed a referral from a post at this website even though i had never actually posted here on PBBans, only registered.


So today, i went to click on that 'referral link,' and it asks me to log in to this website. So i do, knowing that i registered a couple days ago and the PBBans site says my nick is not 'registered.' Even though i know i registered this name a few days ago. So i registered again today, and under the same email as previously - i figured it would tell me my email was already linked to another account under the remote possibility i got my registered username wrong.


Anyways, i was wondering what's the deal with whoever deleted my registered nick of donaldrumsfeld? What a coincidence that they (i presume) also visited my website. Seems weird.






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we have reached that magic number of members that spammers target .. we have had quite a few in the past month or so and part of the process we go through is to check every registrant for cheat convictions primarily then the additional checks that identify possible spammers that make it past our filters ..apologies if this is not the case here :)

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no, it's okay; i just thought it was strange cause i've never ever used a cheat, nor do i think i have ever been banned. i work for TWL on their News Staff. in addition, i am currently writing an article on cheating for a major PC Gaming magazine. came here looking for some preliminary info, but i found what i needed at the punkbuster website.


just wanted to let you know what happened in case it was a glitch or something.



btw, go ET - i love that game. played that competitively before i got too busy with RL.

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