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how reliable could be a link GUID that i found out in one of our members, the one that he is using now is clean but the one that he is link to is a leaked GUID that has different nicks and IPs, i couldnt find anything that related to him in the list of nicks or IPs in that leaked GUID so im trying to figure out how is he link to it, any reasonable explantion to this?, because cant find anything that link it to him.


Note*: btw he is link it to a banned GUID by PsB (Orange Color)

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its been repeatedly stated on the forums that the only thing one can take as 100% true in relation to a guid and ban is the guid information :)

everything else is for info purposes only and can not be proven 100% true unless the IP is static.

I suppose you could ask your clannie about it :P

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