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First post, registered today. I thought it was worth coming and doing this because of the game that I love so much, and have devoted 5 years of my life to.

I know that I will likley have to give more/different information than I know now, to solve my problem.


So... I am on the recent banlist, according to some freinds of mine (one of whom I know in RL). I am told by other gamers online that they saw my name and Guid listed. I am interested to know how this is the case, since I don't have anything other than the stock game installed. When I say this to someone, at this point, it becomes an appeal for a verdict on my innocence. The more I say to them that I don't have a reason for the ban, the less they believe me. That's a bit scary to be in the middle of, TBH! :blink:

Honestly, at first, I didn't care. I know the truth, and that's good enough for me to play the game. But I was wrong. It wasn't about me.

I don't know much about bans and such, other than what I have read here in the last 1/2 hour. A freind of mine had an opportunity to "buy" a hack from someone online, and I didn't discourage him from buying it, because it would be funny to watch a guy playing that can see through walls :lol:


Anyway, sorry for rambling. I have two questions. Firstly (most important), is there a venue where I can appeal this ban and 'fix' whatever is causing this to happen? I asked a guy this online right before coming here, and he said, "play widot da hax muddafoocka!" :D The only information I can offer here is that I recently installed my GOTY disc on a new desktop after playing on a wireless laptop for the past 8 months or so (as "Wyrlz Craptop"). I have 3 versions of Wolf - the original, the GOTY edition, and the Platinum edition. This install is the Platinum (doesn't require patching up), and I transferred my old wolfconfig.mp from my other machines. I have class/spawn binds, and my tweaks are brightness, the 2-D med/ammo pack setting, and bumping up gamma to 2.5 or 3. I can offer more info if required.


Secondly, if I am on a banlist, why have I never had a problem playing on any server? I'm thinking that that is because I haven't been added. I have had my normal PB problems in the past years, updates, etc. and have installed PBWEB on a couple of machines - nothing like this.


This second question is what led me to believe that I, in turn, didn't believe what my freind had said about the list. It was actually a clan player on a specific server that directed me here.


Thanks for any information offered. Again, sorry for the length - and if this is in the wrong forum, I will look for it's new placement.



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without a guid no one can check out if your on any ban index so with that in mind lets concentrate on the information I have at hand re you and RTCW :) this is info gathered by PBBans enabled servers and collated in the PBBans Master Player Index (MPI3)

I see 3 guid's directly linked to you.






which are both clean.


6068d9f9a4e1adfe304e45b8783be7d5 is also directly linked and is a leaked cd key off the internet.

Alias(s) (960)

IP Address(s) (1482)

This guid is banned on both PBBans MBI and PsB MBL.

There are that many players linked to leaked cd keys off the internet that we do not use that type of linked ban to prevent anyone becoming a member here.


Having said all that if you have recently reinstalled RTCW check that the cd key is the one you used on the install via the game options menu .. there have been recent cases were a completely different cd key showed up right after pb was first enabled after a fresh install.


If the cd key is the correct one then use one of the other 2 you have and you will have no problem.

There is another possible 2 scenarios in that you have a banned guid for a cheat on a server that is not streaming to PBBans or PsB or your banned recently on PsB because the MBL info we use is a month behind.


btw .. if you feel like getting your friends "paid for cheat" and passing it to me, dont hesitate, you never know it might not be one of the many prvate cheats we have already lol :)

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btw .. if you feel like getting your friends "paid for cheat" and passing it to me, dont hesitate, you never know it might not be one of the many prvate cheats we have already lol :)

LOL! Isn't that true, and I sure will "pass his name along" to you if/when he buys/installs it! ;)


Thanks, Fozzer, for this information. Your sceanrio about the CD key thing is exactly what happened to me. I reinstalled my copy at EXACTLY the same time as me being added to these ban lists. When I first tried to get on a server, I was kicked immmediately for an "Invalid CD Key". I checked in the ingame menu, and the key that was listed was NOT the one I typed in earlier. I changed it, and everything was fine thereafter.


The 783be7d5 was the GUID in question. when I too, traced it back, there were literally a hundred players listed with that "leaked GUID". So, that, coupled with the fact that I don't have any extraneous cheats clears me.

The unfortunate thing is that those people that accused me, or the ones that now don't trust me, I don't care to pass on this information to. To jump to conclusions is one of the biggest mistakes, IMHO, and only you can fix it if you find out you're wrong. Too bad for them, glad that I have this info to pass along to others should anyone bring it up!


One more thing, Fozzer, is there anyway I can have my name removed from "those lists", so that I am not associated with the other/lawless players listed? Everyone likes to have his name in lights, but for the right reasons, ya know? B)


Thanks again for your help, Fozzer, and I appreciate all you are doing here!



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your just another name amongst a load of others and there is not much to worry about .. when we come across leaked keys the only thing of note that is any use to us is the perpetrator of the original cheat offence (if there is one) :)

The problem with this type of cd key is that although it may work fine in some servers it will not work in servers that use the PBBans MBI or PsB MBL and as the rtcw scene gradually shrinks there are not a lot of servers that dont stream to one of or both of "the big 2"

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Good to know, Fozzer, thanks!

"The Big 2" reminds me of a recent identify theft report I made to one of "The Big 3" credit reporting agencies: Trans-Union, Equifax, and ummm..... I can't remember the other, lol!!


Ya, I have not bothered to let those 'friends' that I have online know that I am just a number on a leaked list - that I am not a cheater/hacker. I don't care to inform them because they don't deserve it. I know what I don't deserve as well, but they aren't privvy to it.


Good luck to them, and praise the Wolf gods to me! B)

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