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Getting kicked for error in CoD:UO


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Hi guys,


I get kicked for this error: MD5TOOL (#9002) - MD5Tool Mismatch: Main/game_mp_x86.dll (len=2048)


1. What is it?

2. How do I solve it? Or how does the serveradmin solve it?


Grtz =||CCF||=Mol

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This is getting a bit odd lately, coincidentally i just was on the CoDUO MCI - due to a revision to say the least.


Stock file checks will be removed from MCI. Anyone who can give a pointer which one is of use, i.e. prevents an exploit step forward and post it here please.



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linux servers run 1.51b and windows use 1.51 if you arent running the same files as the server and mci read then you will be kicked.The simple way to fix is omit that stock file out.Scanning stock files are optional and not required.They are just helpful to make sure someone hasnt modified there stock files but can cause issues with people running linux servers

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