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hey i was wondering how i could become a pbadmin. i have noticed an increasing amount of hackers lately and would like to do my part to help out..i would also like to be able to help my clan own in getting rid of the hackers coming into our server

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Clan/Group Tag: [samurai]

Clan/Group/League Name: Samurai

Clan/Group/League Website: www.samurai-gamers.com

Game Server IP Address and Port:

Game Played: Soldier of Fortune 2

Are you a Server Admin?: No

Want to Stream to PBBans?: No


To start with....one must be a server admin....and two.....should get setup streaming to PBBans :)

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Hi guys, Ja_gangsta is one of my men.


He is an admin, has rcon, access to the FTP and control panel.


Most people here know me and who I am.


I am a leader of Samurai, take care of a lot that happens with Samurai.


Many also come to my website to check out the latest hacker I catch via pbss.


Currently, I am extremely busy with school, and work.


So if you don't mind, giving Ja_Gangsta pbadmin, :D





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