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added and streaming via the Hub.

Forum upgrade applied.

Welcome :)


PBBans Hub Server Search

Server Status: Server is streaming via Hub

Server Info

Clan Tag: [skylla]

Server IP:

Last Streaming: December 29, 2006 4:33 am

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from the moment you start streaming via the hub bannable violations will be added automatically to your pbbans.dat.

Violations detected on other Hub servers get added within 4 seconds and bannable violations detected on servers using the standard repository method of streaming will be added auto when the bans are parsed from the streamed logs (this gets done daily)


It's best practise to generate a fresh pbbans.dat using the "generate ban list" utility found here click me you decide if you want to include bans for cvar violations (recommended) and you copy/paste the bans you already have in your existing pbbans.dat into the large window.

When you click to create banlist all duplicate guid's will be removed and the pbbans.dat that is created will be bang up to date.

You only do this once, afterwards all is done auto :)

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Cool, thx


I was jused pissed up when yawned a couple of times, saw there that players have cheates from like 1 day ago (have the same GUID,PB guid) and they were not kicked.


Small question again maybe I should post somewhere else, but IF I will recieve now updates, do I even need jPAT then.

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jpat is handy for keeping your md5/cvar info up to date with the click of a button, but if you are proficient with manually updating your cvar/md5 detection scans then I would recomend you stick with those methods.

Reminder posts for our admins are posted by our MCI manager in the game specific sections of the forums whenever a cvar/md5 scan update has been added.



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