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Not sure what I'm supposed to include here. I looked around for some kinda apply template, but came up empty handed.


I would like to have my server steaming via your UCON Streaming Hub. And I would like it to be streamed to ACI Anticheat Inc.


Server IP:


Game: Americas Army


Clan tag/name: -GI- / Global Impact


I'm at work at the moment, So I don't know if I need the said files uploaded first, of if it will stream automatically. I'm kinda a noob at this, so you'll have to excuse the ignorant questions/response



Edit: I guess I shoulda read the PM eh? lol

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I see you added your server to your Team Account.....but it is not streaming yet :)


Be sure you following the Hub streaming instruction commands.

I will get that done today as soon as i get home from work..

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I will get that done today as soon as i get home from work..

well, I did what it said @ http://www.pbbans.com/forums/index.php?showforum=380


PBBans Hub setup via FTP


Step 1 Download the attached pbbans_hub.cfg rar file and unzip


NOTE: if you wish to disable "live banning" and other planned enhanced Hub features pb_sv_uconadd 0 pbbhub1 pbbanshub should be used (just open the pbbans_hub.cfg and edit)


step 2 Upload via FTP the 2 files (pbucon.use and pbbans_hub.cfg)


step 3 Edit your pbsv.cfg and add this command line pb_sv_load pbbans_hub.cfg


step 4 restart PB (pb_sv_restart)


step 5 To verify that all is working , after restarting PB, type pb_sv_uconlist via rcon, the server should give the following response:

But it's still saying that it's not streaming. When I type either pb_sv_restart or pb_sv_uconlist it's saying "commands ignored"


Could this be caused by using CAL scripts? Or is their a different method I should be using?

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