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how do i stream to pbbans and punkbusted at same time


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The Pbbans Hub is unique to PBBans.

If you wish to stream to PsB using the old rep method you need to pay them a visit here click me



you will need to change your pbsvlog.cfg info if your accepted by PsB but as long as you dont change anything else your stream to PBBans will continue unaffected via the Hub. :)

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i was reading and it says to replace files in pb folder will that mess with streaming to pbbans

This is PBBans forum not PsB support site :P

The files required for rep. streaming to PsB will not affect your PBBans Hub stream in any way .. I would suggest you apply for an account and see if you get accepted first, then direct your concerns to the PsB support :)

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i have already gotta wait 72 hours

im registered and i also registered clan name.

but look at the link you gave me it said to write pb files in folder

so i just figured i would ask because i didnt want to mess up streaming to pbbans

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its telling me to change pbsvlog.cfg

right now it has loggin info for pbbans

i erased the loggin info and put in there info i should still stream to hub right this is just for log forwarding.

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