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Skin or Hax?


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Welcome to PBBans Trixx!


The issue here is we like to view/judge the orignal pb ss. This helps keep our comments appropriate and will keep the server admin honest. We would hate to make comments to say a player is cheating....when someone manipulated the screenshot....then they take those comments and post them on a forum. This will degrade the credibility and integrity of this site.


We can judge the screenshots but can not add screenshots of cheaters to the MBI unless your server is streaming to PBBans.


So, get your server streaming :)

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Ya he showed up today on the ban list. And the truth shall set you free.


[01.30.2007 5:15:37 AM] d246c99afdcba4a074a7c3b4ce85612c "HOG|][nt3st][n3s, HOG|][nt3st][n, k][ll3R, UnnamedPlayer, HOG|][ntest][n, *tr!ggErF!nger*, HOG|][ntestines, "HOG|][ntestines", "HOG|][nt3st][", "HOG|][nt3st", "HOG|][nt3st][n3s", "UnnamedPlayer", "HOG|][ntest][nes", "HOG||3ody|3@gHe", "HOG|Intestines"" ",," ,,"

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