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Server is not in the MSI Rep List


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mon serv stream:)


mais jai recu un mail de fozzer ki etait en anglais et ou il me demande de faire autre chosse.


je pense que ca as un rapport avec ca parce ke kand je tape lip de mon serv voila ces ki n'ai pas actif


Server is not in the MSI Rep List :o




ca ces son mail


Welcome to PBBans.com! Home of Quality over Quantity!


I have created your PBBans.com Team Account. The Account Tool will give you the ability to personally manage and add/modify/delete streaming servers that belong to your clan/group.


STEP 1: The first thing you need to do is setup your servers to stream. Our preferred method of streaming is by using PBBans.com unique Hub. The link below will provide you all of the necessary information on how to get your servers initially setup:




STEP 2: Once you are done with the initial setup, you will need to access the Account Tool and add your servers to the system. This creates a link between your server and PBBans.com. To access your account, Login in to the forums (to ensure your certificate is loaded) and then proceed to the link below:




Verify the information displayed is correct. If it is, then click on Add Server. Enter the server’s IP and port, choose the game played, and click Add Server. When you are verifying the information and you notice an error, please contact a PBBans.com staff member to correct the issue.


STEP 3: Now that you have added your server to the system, click on View Servers. This will give you a view of the servers that you have added to the system. There is a color-coded legend below to help you manage your servers and identify if they are streaming or not.


STEP 4 (Optional): You can also create your own custom signature using the Account Tool. You must ensure that you add all of your servers....both current streaming and ones that no longer stream (if any) to the account before they will show up on your signature.


Let us know if you have any problems and Thank You for choosing PBBans.com!

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Team: clan: .sD# --- Account Streaming (1 / 1)


User ID: 107078 ---- ForumName: bubble


we have 2 methods of streaming:


rep (which is the old method)

hub (which is the pbbans recommended method)


your server streams via the Hub.


PBBans Hub Server Search

Server Status: Server is streaming via Hub

Server Info

Clan Tag: .sD#

Server IP:

Last Streaming: February 13, 2007 5:18 am


Everything is ok / bon / magnuiique/ merveilleux :D

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Il est normal que ton serveur ne soit pas listé en rep, puisque tu ne l'as configuré qu'en Hub, mais cela suffit !


Si tu cherche ton ip sur le master stream index (MSI => http://www.pbbans.com/msi.php)

Tu verras "Server Status: Server is streaming via Hub"


Ton streaming fonctionne donc parfaitement, comme l'a dit notre cher fozzer dans son superbe français :-P


Ici : http://www.pbbans.com/account.php tu peux gérer ton compte qui a été créé par les admins.


Il te permet d'ajouter d'autres serveurs, de voir les tricheurs qui ont été chopés sur ton serveur, d'ajouter des screenshots de cheaters quand tu en aura, et la nouvelle fonction super cool de pbbans : d'avoir des superbes bannières configurables mise à jour automatiquement avec les infos de ton serveur, le nombre de cheaters bannis, le dernier chopé, etc...


Comme l'a donc dit fozzer :

Everything is ok / bon / magnuiique/ merveilleux :D

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