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PBsv.cfg question


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When I took over the PB responsibilities for our server the PB config was already set for

Alias management:


pb_sv_aliasfn // Path to where the pbalias.dat is located.

// Blank is default location/pb/


pb_sv_AliasAutoload 1 // 0 = no, 1 = yes

// PB will load from Alias database ( pbalias.dat ) after each

// map change


pb_sv_AliasMax 5 // (0 to 99)Max number of alias per GUID that is tracked.


pb_sv_AliasMaxEnforce 1 // If set to 1 then PB will kick players who execeed the

// pb_sv_AliasMax number.




But there is NO pbalias.dat in the pb folder.


How do I get PB to log aliases?



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PB_SV_AliasMax [0-99]Setting defaults to 0 which means alias tracking is disabled; set to some value above 0 to enable and to specify how many aliases will be stored for each GUID; if the player uses more aliases than the max, the later ones will be ignored

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Just to update....


the Alias Management stuff DOES NOT work for the CoD series.


As far as I can tell it is only for Wolfenstein:ET. ( Based on the Server Admin manuals at EvenBalance ) How it ended up in my CoD config I don't know. :blink:


Thanks again for the help anyways.

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