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admin decission


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A player on our server was kicked during the game. he reconnected every time and was kicked again. Totally about four times. the message was admin decission.


Only there was no admin at the server on that moment.?! I did copy a part of the logs to see if you guys can make something out of it.


[02.26.2007 13:27:35] Master Query Sent to (MASTER4.EVENBALANCE.COM)

[02.26.2007 13:27:36] Received Master Security Information

[02.26.2007 13:28:02] Kick Command Issued ( [Admin Decision]) for (slot#11) ***********************************^2=GWA=^!^1Tele

[02.26.2007 13:28:02] Lost Connection (slot #11) **************************************************(VALID:31) ^2=GWA=^!^1Tele

[02.26.2007 13:30:51] Lost Connection (slot #11) bot (-) ^8*^$SD^8*Halfwit

[02.26.2007 13:31:09] Lost Connection (slot #10) bot (-) ^8*^$SD^8*Halfbaked

[02.26.2007 13:31:21] New Connection (slot #11) ***************[?] "^2=GWA=^!^1Tele" (seq 15873957)

[02.26.2007 13:31:21] Player GUID Computed ********************************************************************^2=GWA=^!^1Tele

[02.26.2007 13:32:09] Kick Command Issued ( [Admin Decision]) for (slot#11) ******************************************^2=GWA=^!^1Tele

[02.26.2007 13:32:09] Lost Connection (slot #11) ***********************************************************(VALID:31) ^2=GWA=^!^1Tele

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It means that is was a ban that is in the ban file with the description admin decision. So one of the admins banned him either permenantly or for a fixed amount of time for something they did. Would suggest talking to the other server admins to find out who and why.

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