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Hey Pbbans buddies!!! ^_^


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Hey Guys tis be me Vio once again!! ^_^. Im coming here to ask this cause i know most of you are pretty computer savvy and the help you could give would be completely invaluable. I have a small problem with my computer! I run with the Windows XP Service Pack 2 OS and have AT&T Yahoo! DSL internet and its Virus protection software with it. Last night (i try to do it every couple of days or so) i ran a virus scan and for the first time since i reformatted my computer the last week of january it found 2 things. They were not exactly viruses but rather "exploits". They were called: "Java/ByteVerify!exploit" the scanner didnt clean it so their still there. I know that they are not malicious or anything to worry about completely BUT i dont want anything on my computer that CAN cause problems. It gives me a simple procedure to delete them but its not exactly configured for my system. The instructions are here, this is the page that it takes me to when i click on the link to find out more info on the exploit. My problem is quite simple and all i really need is some assurance that i wont damage my PC by doing this: in the instructions it states to go to the control panel and open the "Java Plug-in Control Panel" which i have opened. Then it says to "Select the Cache Tab" which is non-existent in the tabs inside the control panel. It then states to "Click the Clear button inside the Cache Tab, which will clear your JRE cache directory", the only thing that i see that may be the same as this "cache directory" is under the "General" Tab in the java control panel it gives the option to delete Temporary Internet Files that correspond to the Java VM. And my question is would this take care of it or do i have the wrong thing? Any help from you comp Savvy peoples will be most appreciated! Thanx Guys! ^_^
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err i couldnt find any edit feature (am i just blind or is it not their?) so ill just reply to this, i finall got a hold of my friend and she helped me get rid of em. so Blah lol
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actually....their isnt o.o...............its wierd i can see the edit button for my second post but...their is NO edit button whatsoever for my first post lol.....weird huh? Edited by Violat3r
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