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Cought BF2142 Glitchers.


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I have cought two hackers which were wall glitching in the PAC titan and shooting attackers from inside the crates where they were safe and free to stat pad.

This way they got an unfair advatige over other people that dont use wall glitches. They figured out a way to get into the cargo crates to shoot from inside of it. When they got cought I have banned them from my clans server.


I want the game to be cheat and hack free.


There names are: ("+>[email protected]<+" thats there clan tag)

+>[email protected]<+ xXxshockmexXx

+>[email protected]<+ iscabibales



Look at the mini map it shows two soldiers inside the titan crates.

Posted Image

Spectator view you can see both off them shooting through the wall at the enemy from inside.

Posted Image


If this topic is in the wrong section then please feel free to move it.

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we dont do anything about 'glitchers' contact www.bfroc.com or EA's EACS

we only deal with CHEATERS who are caught on Streaming Servers.

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Based on the screenshots provided do you think www.bfroc.com will have the bases to punish or warn these glitchers?


How can I set up my server to be a "Steraming Server" so that all cheaters on my server will be delth with?

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CLICK ME click to find out how to setup your server to stream.


as for BFROC im not sure there process for glitchers.. thats more of a Maydax thing and bfroc members :P


we only ban people for Known Cheat Violations and/or Pbss that show clear indication of cheating.

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Glitches are game developer's problem not punkbuster's; we are a punkbuster support site thus we don't deal with glitches or game bugs whatsoever. If we did for Betafield we had much to do for no results.


A wallhack is a program or hacked video driver that changes games rendering behavoir in a way players and map items that are behind walls or other non-transparent objects are visible. Nothing to do with 'glitching into' or 'shooting thru'. Punkbuster can catch hacks, as they are manipulations changing the game's environment divergent from the norm, thus can be detected ... hardly possible for components of a game itself (bugs) unless pb caught the whole game as cheat :lol:



Btw this thread is deadabit now.


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