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Can you help us read SS's?


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I've gotten many screenshots with possible blocks, but I can't tell if they are just a video problem or actual blocks.



















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#1 & #4 could be, But you need more than just one from each person to make any decision. #2 is the the AA bug (anti - analising) pbss captured at the beginng of the game i would think. #3 No idea.

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On #1 we had 3 or 4 from this guy like this.


And #4 we had a handful similar from another guy..



Thanks for your response btw!!



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First thing you should do is get your server streaming, See here. Doing so will ensure your server is proptected as possible agains't cheaters.

Our server is currently streaming to PBBans and we are very happy with the cheaters that have been caught so far B) I did notice that our website is still listed as pending. I has been up for some time now, is there anyway to get this changed?



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