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corrupted file/memory


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reason I ask is because a fix for that same error was posted here


I also have D2D copy of cod2 and had same problem very easy to fix.

Frist download the v1.3 patch for COD2,then goto you COD2 folder save your COD2_SPs.exe somewhere on your PC.

(COD2_SPs.exe) is need because D2D has license build into COD2.

COD2_MPs.exe doesn't use the license.So install new V1.3 patch it will make you uninstall the V1.3 that is already put on the game from D2D.The install patch agian to repatch the game.After this open the COD2 folder agian send COD2_MPs.exe to desktop to make shortcut.Put COD2_SPs.exe you saved back in fold and replace the one thats there and make shortcut for it also.

click on your COD2_MPs.exe anfd start game WoW it works.

This problem is a D2D problem with there preinstalled patch.

Hope this helps people.

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reason I ask is because a fix for that same error was posted here

What is this corrupted file/memory???to what file it refers??If I send to my friend all my files I can resolve??In this way I have risolved my problem:"md5tool....ecc.



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