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NQ and admin


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If you need any help, I'd be happy to, but it'd be easier to do via xfire, as I'd be doing it in real-time.


Wartornclan is my handle, feel free to add me.


Sorry my above post was so vague, but if you've got a handle on et_admin, you should be able to figure out native shrubbot support without much trouble, just that some of the flags are different, and it allows for custom commands, as well.

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No worries mate, that was exactly what I wanted, I have left things fairly standard at the moment before I start to play around with some of the command stuff :-) but will add you in case i have any questions. Thanks again.

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You can use a fair number of things related to etpub in the nq shrubbot, since the mod was initially designed around etpub 5.0


The wiki is pretty well written, and the list of flags, instructions on how to implement them are pretty thorough, as well.


The et_adminmod also works, but is a little more involved in set-up than the native support is, and I don't personally see a need to use an out-side mod for nq when the built-in one works as well as it does.

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