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Weird Kick Messages


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On BF2142 I keep getting kicked for these reasons:


Pb services disabled:

RESTRICTION: Losing Key Packets (B)ffff0001

Pb Services enabled:

RESTRICTION: Invalid Memory Image (90005)


I have updated, reinstalled, uninstalled, reinstalled, patched....

I followed the directions to remove and replace the services

I get these kicks on every server I join

both A and B services are running...

Any idea how I can fix this?


I have a ticket open with PB, I was hoping some one here may have a clue. This all started after the last PB update.

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Yes Sir, I have tried that, after a clean install as well. I even deleted the PB folder and ran PB update to install a new folder then I ran that app to start the services...

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Yes sir, my firewall is properly configured. I would like to report I have updated to 1.25 and the issue has not appeared for several rounds of play, Last night it was every 10-15 minutes. Perhaps if other players see this an update to 2142 patch 1.25 will help them as well.


Thank you all for your assistance, I will be back if anything pops up.

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heres your fix for this problem.


This kick is caused by a rootkit application running while playing on PunkBuster enabled servers. The name of the file is called oreans32.sys and it is located in C:\WINDOWS\System32\Drivers\ of your computer. Deleting that file and rebooting will allow you to play again. You may need to disable system restore if the file keeps returning.


Slow down there turbo B) ... oreans32.sys can be used as part of several trojans/root-kits, but it is also used by other legitimate programs as well; Prey (the game) for example.


A quick "Google" on the filename will return a boat-load of results that discuss this in more detail; unfortunately I've not found any fool-proof way to determine whether or not oreans32.sys is legit or part of a trojan short of deleting/renaming it and waiting for one of your legit programs to break.


Now - having said that; how did you go about determining that this file was the problem and have you tested the "fix"?

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