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Punkbuster Ban


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I have been playing BF2142 since April of this year and have really enjoyed it, it has become about the only game I participate in. I am an adult gamer and belong to a clan of adults. Today I got online at my regular time, loaded up the game and it immediately kicked me out with a CD key error. I tried joining again a few times and was booted out with the Punkbuster window. I have uninstalled/reinstalled the game, updated punkbuster, gone through the forums and performed the recommendations there within, but still I get booted out. My ip and soldier name does not appear here at this site but when I open my pbcl from the game it says "GLOBAL PunkBuster GUID BAN 8a02f1f0". I do-not-cheat in any of the games that I play and pride myself on that. I have 1 punish for a team kill in this game because the person I punished was blatantly stat padding and would not stop after repeated inquiries to stop. Luckily there was an admin in the game that day and kicked this person out of the server. I have reached my wits end for trying to resolve this problem, and am unwilling to purchase another copy not trusting whether the new cd key has been hacked or not, or taking another chance on being hacked therafter. Please reply.



email: [email protected]

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