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Server is properly configured, however:

- Your website is deactivated (requirement to be able to get a team account)

- Your linked to a dozen of leaked keys


PBBans keeps an high standard in it's reliability and I cant really find a good reason why we should allow someone to stream wich website has been closed down due to abuse, and has a dozen leaked keys linked to him.. :blink:

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My webby has been blocked cus they were getting spamm in the shoutbox of php and i dont know anything about it the guy that made the site for me has no time to fix the problems.. so cant do anything about that and the guid is cus we are 3 brothers with 2 cd's of wolf and still need to get one of a friend that has quited wolf :]

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Got a new guid from a friend that aint playing anymore she was in my clan aswell hope you guys are happy now B)


guid 48b6d466


O yeah if any of you have some site experiance and love to help me getting the site running again feel free to contact me :P

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guid from a friend

i.e. yet another leaked guid. Needless to mention this one is linked to banned guids aswell =


request denied.

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