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soundpack causing map loading failure


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he guys .need some advice . i've down a slight update to an old soundpack that i has made availabel to the et community a while back ( was called dcmsounds )


now i have a problem with it. my first map in a rotation ( ive tried a few ) is oasis . when ive got the sounpack on it will work "PERFECTLY" . on that map with no prolems . everything doing as it should.


now when it comes to loading the next map ( a custom one) the map will continually cycle through the loading bar . !nextmap doesn't fix the problem as it does the same thing on that map.


can someone suggest anything to help me here ????

yeah a link to the soundpack . its called zz8_sounds :_




there are some custom !news command in there :-







slapper ( my favourite )


they all work . but its messing with the rotation ......any ideas ????

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Might want to check the map you're having issues with, and see if the MD5 on the server matches the MD5 on the re-direct.


I've found pk3 files can sometimes go "bad" on a server, and simply need to be re-uploaded to the server ftp. More often than not, this is an issue from loading up to a Linux server from a Windows computer, and believe it or not, the second time can be the charm.


Alternately, try removing the problematic map from the rotation, and see if the rest of the maps in the rotation work with the custom soundspack. Some custom maps come with one of their own, and may conflict with yours.

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