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Need help and direction if possible


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Hello all,


Hope you can indulge me, I need your help.


Here are the facts:


I am an admin for <-M.a.B-> Mad As Badgers clan, we have been around for some time and run MoHAA, CoDUO, CoD2 and BF servers, we have PB enabled and run pure servers.


We have a junior member who has recieved a global ban, we are not sure why (It may be that he has been up to no good but we would like to establish the facts). I have his GUID info and would like to see what information you have around his ban so that I can relay it back to him (and his Dad :().


Can someone tell me where I should post and who I should contact to get the infromation and to get it sorted out (if it can be).


Thanks in advance for any help.

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Also can you help with this? i checked our logs and thought I had the players GUID, a 6 digit number. It seems from reading the forums that iI should have an 8 digit number as his GUID. How do I verify a GUID number for a player?


Remembering that they are not on the server and that they have been banned and that I am searching our server logs. I know that if he had been banned from our server then I could see the reason too but he was banned from another server so I cant see the logs from that server.

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posted in every game specific area.

Part of the the topic in our irc channel.

posted on our main website.


Punkbuster hardware bans and Global Guid bans are issued directly by evenbalance. Hardware bans and Global Guid bans have nothing to do with pbbans or any other anti-cheat site. If you feel that you were banned in error, please use their support ticket system here.


Threads started regarding hardware bans and Global Guid bans will be locked.

the 6 digit number you have is the unique number of the global ban issued directly by evenbalance and the player should include this in any trouble ticket raised regarding a global ban.

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