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2 Things


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The first thing is totally screwing my America's Army up, Im on the most recent version of AA and updated PB, till the last update - which now kicks me from games because I don't have a updated graphics card - but my graphics card is updated till its lastest version, and now I cannot play AA. Now, im confused, why cant I play because of my graphics card, when I could of before


-[invalidGFXATIR0]- is the only thing I can give you guys.


I've contacted AA on teir forums, and even evenbalance, they haven't a scooby (if this isn't true I must of emailed someone different O.O)

And now I come to you guys. Any help ?



This is a nooblike question, but me and my mate were having a discussion and wondered (dont ask how we got to this subject) but could you glitch on a unranked server? JUst for fun or whatever or to show you how ridiculous some glitches are in some games.


I wouldnt do it in a ranked server (thats stupid I want to play games till dawn does me death) but im just wondering.

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What is the EXACT PB reason for you getting kicked? You need to supply as much accurate information as possible before anybody can help. Accurate info includes your O/S, Video card, driver version, etc.

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If you have not done so already, the best course of action would be to open a trouble ticket with EvenBalance click me


As for the second part of your question, do you seriously think that we are going to condone glitching of any type in any game ?

Think about it :)

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:P okay thanks for the help, guys heres my DXDIAG if anyone wants it.


That is the EXACT reason of PB im getting kicked for, and i've taken a measure of uninstalling AA and reinstalling it just this minute, this time its not the full version, its 2.7 to 2.8 then 2.8.1


I was just wondering if you could glitch on a unranked or un authorised servers, since its not ranked or benefiting anyone but i was worried if you could get banned perminatly if I did. Also it will help for the next tournament, sicne I have a legal version of fraps I was going to show what glitches or exploits are not allowed ^^. BUt this will only happen if i can get AA to work first >.<


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OKay guys I reinstalled aa, downlaoded pb through the game and its working!! Im sorry for all the fuss I must of caused you all, but I thank you guys for responding ^^


I know not to glitch on ranked, since i was a pro player on BF2, I've had some glitchers and exploiters before. It not fun.

BUt say you and your friend just wanted to mess about on a unauthorised, unranked server, or to do those videos, would that be okay?


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I could, but then Im not in a lan....lol


I think i should be okay (I pray) to do those videos on unofficial unauthorised servers, since noone would benefit ^^

I mean i don't even know glitches thats why i was going to record the other guy doing it. Lmao


Oh well peace out.

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