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Holy Grail of Hack Sites Prehaps ?


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I came across a site not sure if PB know about it but if not it has to be checked out by PB so we can get these hacks off our servers !! I came across it, was making a search on Crosshairs for fear, i posted a msg on here to review some SS of possible crosshair modifying/hack, jsut wanted to make sure if there was and actual fear crosshairs that can be added and PB aproved, and I stumbled accors this site of sooooo many different types hacks ranging from speed hacks, flying hacks, aimbots, etc......... the list goes on and these hackers are showing others how to make them andPB undetected !! I am so against hacks so if the admins of PB can msg i can provide you guys with the hack site since postin the site is a definite nono.




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