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chicken dance script - ok to use ??


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sorry but i'm bloddy cluess :P


just started using fun scripts for the first time . but dont want anything that might cause me problems .




can someone tell me if the chicken dance selfkill script would cause me any problems if i used it ?


this is the actual script ( is this allowed ? ) :-


set chickendance1 "weaponbank 6;com_maxfps 20;cl_yawspeed 500;+left;wait 25;-left;cl_yawspeed 140;vstr chickendance2"

set chickendance2 "+moveup;wait 10;+movedown;-moveup;wait 20;-movedown;+moveup;wait 10;+movedown;-moveup;wait 20;-movedown;+moveup;wait 10;+movedown;-moveup;wait 20;vstr chickendance3"

set chickendance3 "+lookup;wait 10;-lookup;say ^1h^7a^3h^4a^9h^ka^5h^4a^2h^7a^0h^aa;vsay holdfire;+lookdown;wait 20;-lookdown;+lookup;wait 20;-lookup;+lookdown;wait 10;-lookdown;centerview;vstr chickendance4"

set chickendance4 "-movedown;wait 10;kill;com_maxfps 0"

bind k "vstr chickendance1"

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How do you mean cause you trouble ?

I have seen the script in use v funny for a few mins . Not much use after that really .

Might get you kicked for too low fps depending on how the server is set up . or it might not work, again depending on how server is set up . Dont see or think of any other problems though .

After all most scripts like this one just play around with various standard in game cvars.

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yeah sorry should have made myself clearer :(


i ment kicked for some cvar problem . low fps that sort of thing


update.........i did try it.. and on the 3 go had some cvar kick for fps . cant remember what it said



so ive removed it :(


and i think i saw that a few years ago before i was aware of pbbans.obviously no checks in those days as played for fun

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A kick for too low an fps would not be a bannable offense, and the main reason people used to use something like that was to keep them moving in spawn so a server wouldn't kick them for inactivity while they nipped to the loo or something.


The kill is interesting as on an server where the numbers of selfkills are counted your could find yourself penalized for too many self kills and either kicked or lose ammo with each one.

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