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Searching svlogs question


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I notice in the demo/ss submission area of the forums, that streaming admin are required to post the svlog in regards to the player in question.


Yesterday I tried searching through these logs to find the specific player I was going to post a demo of, but could not seem to locate him. I used everything from GUID to his connecting name to the name he changed to after connection, as well as IP. The Windows(winblows) search feature came up with nothing. Is there another way of doing this without having to open each log-file? That's just way to time consuming.


I did easily find him in the server logs, how-ever. Is that information good enough? Or does it have to specifically come from the svlogs?


Anyways, as it turned out, the player has already been caught, but my ban-list was not auto-updating for some reason. Servers are still streaming, how-ever, so it's likely an issue on my server end of things. Will be working on resolving that today.


I'm just looking for the answer for future potential demo's as the ability to post them is useful.

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Well i have found the only way is to look in each log around the date the demo was taken . bit hard for me as my dates are out by a few days but it does work :) . i look for the latest last modified one usually . probably same on windblows no ?

then just use wordpad and the find function .

so if there is a quicker way that would be ace .... :)

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I have screenshots turned off atm. I've always found them to be a source of server-lag, with Enemy Territory. Perhaps those were just my personal settings, but for now they remain that way. We tend to use the demo method for discussing potential hacks/bans with my clan, but now we also have the option of posting them here for further scrutiny.


Incidently, all of my svlogs seem to be dated to two different dates, not each day, which is strange. Anyone have a tip on why that might be?

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