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Hi !


I know my post is not in the right place, should be on the website feedback, but I don't have rights to post there so I'm only able to speak about it here!!


Anyway, I'm an admin from http://www.enemyterritory.fr which is the only and most important website for ET Players for all french speaking people. We have more than 2000 visitors per day, more than 220000 hits per day, approximately 20 000 members registered.


Anyway, the purpose of my request is for anti-cheat, we have a clear position on cheaters and have a special forum dedicated for showing french-speaking players busted via pbbans and punksbusted. The only problem is that, most of our searchs are based on pbbans and we have to check every IP that is getting banned and to search if this ip is from France, Belgium or Switzerland which is a very long job !!


What I would like to know, is if it would be possible to add a little flag next to the IP on the "Latest Bans" corresponding to the IP country, it would easily reduce our job from 50% and be more efficient on busting cheaters. In fact, I have made a script on our website that check if an IP has already been used on the forum with stats and so on.


I know that a lot of php scripts exist when you type "ip-to-country" on google so I think it should not be very difficult to add that on pbbans website.


I would be very pleased if you could work that way to help us "cleaning" the ET community as we sincerely love this game !


Best Regards,

Yohann Lucas

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So how is it going about this feature ?


I see no advance on it, I don't think it's very long to develop and it's a very looooooooooooooong time to coppy paste every ip of every bust to check if it's from france, belgium or switzerland :(


Please help us cleaning the ET community, thank you

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