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Finding streaming servers :


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Well in collection of games purchased and put on one side i find sof2 gold edition . which i install last week and look in the sof2 section for streaming servers .I figure i wanna play on a streaming server for best protection.

I find a few but ya all not in Europe, and i have to do some work to find em :blink:

Anyhow is there a list somewhere ? or if your a Europe / uk admin lead me to your server . :P

Also whats the story with 5 kb/s downloads in sof2 ? Is it me or don't you get redirects for this game ?

tried one streaming server and was needing 40 mb ish sound file ! @ 5 kbs ?

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5k is the max you will get and redirect isn't possible in sof2, It's been attempted many times in various mods with 0% success. I'll pm you a few streaming server ip's ;)

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A recomendation is to turn auto download off you dont need to dl the files from the server to play

and if they force you to download ....dont join that server :)

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ah ha ... I was thinking to myself no wonder this game hasn't got many players on ta servers when you have to get 10 - 40 mb sound files @ 5kbs . Then i think why would an admin put a sound pack on if players have to wait so long .

and now i think gobbo turn off auto downlaod and see if ya can get on :P

cheers mrx .

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And not all server admins realize that all you need is the voicecmds.cfg loaded on the server, loading the soundpack itself just makes another huge-ass download noone wants to sit thru...and like mRx stated all they need to do is host it on their website if you wanted to have RoCmod sounds.

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