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Hello All,


I am new to your forums, but not the SOF2 community.


I have read your forums and find myself asking some questions. We have a hack running riot in Australia called "*****" or "*****"


We are running a series of MD5Tool and CVAR checks but cannot stop this hack.


Does anyone have a pair of PB cfg files we could test in Aus. I am particulary interested in pbsv.cfg and pbsvuser.cfg files.


I can provide anyone a copy of our cfg files for cross reference. My concern only comes from the fact that none of you discuss this hack in the forums: so either you have combatted this hack or you dont know its out there.


Your help would be appreciated considerably.




Head Admin PTGN Sydney

Head Admin PTGN Perth

Head Admin sof2.com.au

Tournament Admin OGN Australia

Edited by AcE
Plase dont post cheat names in public.
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I've read your reply to the other topic and i highly reccomend you set your server up for streaming to keep your server/s a clean a possible, See here.

It would be nice to have an up to date server with a decent set of cfg's before streaming thanks. shoo


p.s - sorry for naming hack - my bad ;)

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