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Method: HUB

Game: ET

Clan Tag: [FW]

Website: www.fwclan.org

Previous Streaming Server: (no longer active)


New Stream-Pending Server:


Note: The previous streaming server was under another account (mine). However, I have decided to make a new account and re-register to pbbans.com due to an issue that MaydaX, Fozzer, Foxdie and InC0gniTo could not fix with my previous account. The [FW] server for the game ET is no longer Thank you and admins feel free to email both new and old email accounts for verification purposes for this new account and request. Thank you again for offering a fair and level playing field for online gaming. :D


~[FW] Steel211

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sent the usual forum pm too.




Team: Fighting Wolverines (AC#317) --- Account Streaming (1 / 2)


User ID: 105608 ---- ForumName: Steel211

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