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After rebooting no stream


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Hello friends,

we rebooted yesterday the server by our provider I3D on their website in order to update some softare concerning the non-working point system of BF2 atm.


After it i checked if our server is still streaming, but it isn´t.

Send a "heartbeat" ..... nothing

Send the sctivation to get streamed (we did at the start to get connected to PBBANS) but also this took no effect.


Any suggestions i ve to do....?






My Team Accounbt tells me the server is running,...the tool on the website doesn´t.

Which one is right?

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When i check our server on the main webpage on the Server Index it sais "server not found in our database".

But when i check it via Account manager everything is fine .

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I dont mean to sound patronising bro, so please bear with me. :)

I have checked your server IP/Port ( using the quick server checker on the main web page

I have also checked your server IP/Port via the Master Stream Index (MSI) both results show your server as streaming via the PBBans Hub with no problems what so ever.

Are you entering the server IP/Port in this format when initiating a check ?

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