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Americas Army


Please forward logs to ACI CB and anyone else who will do good deeds with them.



Yep it is me again fozzer :) (you have probably forgotten :rolleyes: ) with a new server- and I just used the AON PAP to set this up and it seemed to work fine - so fingers crossed and wish us luck.






EDIT : I am concerned that something must be wrong, has anybody checked to see if it is working? Just a little paranoia here

- plus I forgot to add who we wanted to forward the logs too :blink: Sorry.

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Hey, nice to see you about again siskin :wub:

Kudos to you for persistence, it seems to have finally paid off :jerry:

I had not forgotten you, I thought it was vice versa :P did you find out what the prob was when we tried to enable Hub streaming before ?

Any info might be useful for any other admin having a problem.

Sorry for the delay btw, but I guess other staff thought we had something personal going with you mentioning my name in your streaming request :)


team account created (check forum pm)

server added to team account.

server is streaming via the Hub.

log forwarding enabled to ACI,AON +CB

If your streaming to one of the above using the the old standard rep method, just post up and I'll sort it for ya.



Team: Situation Normal All Fucked Up (AC#715) --- Account Streaming (1 / 1)


User ID: 104609 ---- ForumName: siskin

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OMG - Im amazed and very happy !! And it is great to see you again :wub: How could I forget - I was just too embarrassed to return til I had it right :D

We never did figure out what was wrong - the last host guy was NOT the most technically inclined person though so we had some issues there .


But it is working now - mind you I found out last night - AFTER getting this sorted - that they will be swapping servers yet again next week :yikes: - but I am not too worried, the hosts are dedicated game hosts as well.


We already stream to AON Fozzer so if you could indeed fix that I would appreciate it - I really should have said originally :blink: My apologies.


Anyway - Thanks so much , Now I am going to indulge in a bit of a pat on the back for myself :):)


Take care and cheers



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