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Some hillarity from my forum/website's shoutbox


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Figured the stupidity of it was worth it's own thread, and prolly should have made a sticky out of it with a better title.


Until recently, this guy was a regular player, on our servers every single day.


He decided to "test" one bot, and guess what the result was? :lol: :lol: :lol:


Then he comes begging in the shoutbox on the homepage. :unsure: :blink: :rolleyes:


Some ppl are really just to stupid for life.

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lol it amazes me that the thing called common sense is so lacking for some people. I have more indepth and intelligent conversations with my mates 6 year old ;-) he at least understands the difference between right and wrong

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Apparently someone on my server "told" him it was ok to use a hack there..... Or at least that's how his story goes. :rolleyes:


I don't personally care what his excuse is. Stupid move on his part. :ban:

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LOL! In addition to his being banned, and since I'm not entirely heartless, I let him post on WT forums. He's now telling us just how hard of a time he's having of getting rid of all the phishing crap that came with said hack.

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