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Game : SoF2

Clantag : Skull&Bones# (exactly ^ySkull^i&^yBones^$# but i dont get why u ask it im searching on forums the reason :))



We r new on sof2 gold so pls if request is denied tell me why so I can fix wrong stuffs



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The reason we ask for full team name and clantag is so a team account can be created for you.

This will become apparent when you log into it for the first time and actually see it :)

Your profile info reads like this atm;

Clan/Group Tag: None

Clan/Group/League Name: None

It pays to keep it up to date :P


team account created (check forum pm)

server added to team account

server is streaming via the Hub



Team: Skull&Bones (AC#737) --- Account Streaming (1 / 1)


User ID: 109363 ---- ForumName: Dust

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