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[AirCav] Servers


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Clan Tag : [AirCav]


Clan name: US Air Cavalry Clan


Website: www.usaircavalryclan.net


I have 4 battlefield servers that I would like to setup for PBbans streaming.


BF 1942 = [AirCav] WW II Hell, IP =



BF Vietnam = [AirCav] Jungle Hell, IP:



BF 2 = [AirCav] Modern Hell, IP:



BF 2142 = [AirCav] Future Hell, IP:



I have my PB set up for random screen shots, but i doesn't show the mini map. I am new to setting PB up properly and would appreciate any help with settings for my PB. I run a trash free clan, and want to have trash free servers as well.

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Looks like you "jumped the gun" Bro :)


Its normally standard practise to set up your server(s) to stream before making the request.


team acount created (check forum pm)

4 servers added to team account

4 servers are not streaming via the Hub




Team: US Air Cavalry Clan (AC#747) --- Account Not Streaming (0 / 4)


User ID: 109427 ---- ForumName: Darkhorse


useful topics:





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