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I have a warning on yawn ad here for that reason : MD5Tool Mismatch: OpenGL32.dll (len=2048)

I'll try to explain, i had an opengl32 error when trying to play the game, i saw on a website that the game will work if i copy paste my dll from system32 to etmain, i did it, the game kicked me after a few sec...i formated and it worked nice after that.

So why am i warned about it? does copy/paste a dll from your system is consider a cheat, and what is opengl dll is supposed to do then ?

I'm clueless, i don't want people to think i'm a cheater etc


thank you.

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openGL32.dll has no place what so ever in a players game directory and is in fact used by many cheats ... you have an appeal that is ongoing at the moment and should have waited for the result before posting on the forums .. when your appeal has been reviewed I will re-open this thread, till then it stays closed.

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it was a valid MS openGL32.dll that was in your game directory and not a cheat one .. ban removed.


point of info;

As stated above, a lot of cheats use openGl.dll's and this type of .dll has no place in a game directory, so dont be surprised if you pick up a ban and are asked questions later.

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Thank for the quick appeal answer, and thanks for lifting the ban, i was so afraid to be consider a cheater as i never cheated.

I learn my lesson, don't mess with something you don't understand.

Your system works and can be trusted, and that's obviously good to know it.




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