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streaming to psb and pbans??


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i just wanted make our server streaming to pbbans but its already streaming to punksbusted com. it works nearly same with pbsvlog.cfg so if i add there the logport etc i would have this all twice in my cfg??


so my question is how can i have both streaming!?

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Thanks for the help! I am now setup on both!

PBBans uses a completely different primary streaming initiative than all other anti cheat sites, although we still support the old rep.method of streaming too, so its no problem streaming to PBBans and another anti cheat site.

The differences between the standard streaming (rep.method) and the PBBans Hub;


Rep Feature List:

- Banning: Bans must be manually added to your server or by using PAT (PBBans Admin Tool)

- Parsing: Parsing is done once a day.

- Lecacy method of streaming.


Hub Feature List:

- Multi-streaming: Admins can stream to multiple anti-cheat sites such as PBBans and PsB at the same time.

- Live Banning: New Bans are sent to your server as they are received.

- Live Parsing: Server logs are parsed in real time as they are received.

- Ban List: With the Enforce Bans option you no longer need to update the banlist on the server.

- Log Forwarding: Option to forward server logs to other anti-cheat websites (Currently AON,& ACI)

- Greeting System: Attach a personal message to your guid that will be displayed to players when you join a server (Server must have Hub Greetings flag enabled)

- Easy Setup: Servers can be configured in 5 minutes. Also no file uploads required.

- No 3rd party software required on the server.

- Preferred method for Ranked servers.


Not hard to see why Hub streaming quickly became the streaming method of choice of PBBans patrons :)

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Would someone be so kind and explain how to set up my server to stream to PBBans and Game Violations. Also I'd like to know how to stream to PsB and PBBans. If I look at the IPs for streming those anticheat companies use, I see they differ. And here's where setting my server for multi streaming stops. Please help me clear these things out. I'm perfectly capable to set my server to stream to PBBans or PsB or GV but don't know how to do it for multi streaming.


Thank you!

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psb and gv use the eb repository which only allows a server to stream to one at a time. So you can only stream to one or the other. We use ucon which allows up to 16 conenctions so you can always stream to us.

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