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SoF2 hates vista?


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Hi all, long time I havent posted here.


Well, here is my issue:

I got a new computer with Vista. I installed sof2 on it, patched it, did the pb updates and... pb kicks me on every server for a violation COMFAIL #132.

I tried reinstalling, i tried reupdating with pbweb and pbsetup, nothing works. Any idea? Or do i need to get my old ass computer back with XP?

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Hi Kami m8. Not seen you for a while, playing or otherwise.


Sorry can't advise you on your particular problem but it is seeming that Vista is proving to be a big thorn in the side for SOF2 players. A lot are having probs like yourself but also some who have got it working are now seeing themselves banned from some public servers for constantly returning black pbss.


I personally feel it's easier to use XP for SOF2 as life is too short to solve one problem only to be confronted by another one. Yeah a cop out I guess but I'm after an easy life at the mo'.

Perhaps you could run a dual boot system with XP & Vista.


Hopefully others here will be able to help you out.

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Hi dude, thanks for the reply, its nice to see that there are still vet's around ;)

Well if someone can help me fixing it, that would be nice. I don't really care about the black pbss's since the server i usually play on has auto ss disabled. That sucks that i can't play my favourite game on a hell of a pc (exept the vista thing), and my old PC is about to go to my parent's house so bye bye XP for me <_<

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I also have been hearing rumors that vista causes all your pbss to come out black I was wondering weither this is true or not ? Since I think some ppl in Sof2 have been using this as their excuses as to why their pbss come out black all the time claiming it's cuz they have vista but these certain players who tell us this we think might be lying to cover up a pbss blocker. Any1 know much about this ?

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I opened up a support ticket with Evenbalance regarding black PBSS in Vista and asking about their current level of support for SOF2.

I got the reply below.


Note #2: Your statement is a bit over-generalized, as there are plenty of people running Vista whose screenshots come out just fine. However, we do know that there are some video drivers for the higher end video cards that are causing black screenshots, and hopefully these driver issues will be resolved quickly.


As for SoF2 support, yes, we are still supporting it. Don't mistake the lack of a PB client update as a lack in us adding detections, as most detections only require changing things on our end, and not a change of the client.


I hope that answers your questions.

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