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PB Admin setup


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The game I play is Vegas


Looking to use PB kick commands from console within the game.

I see the commands etc but no info what so ever on how to setup an admin to login so we can setup other admins etc.


Is there a way?



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First the easy part :)

PB commands are pretty much universal for every game.

For Vegas I would say the PB webtool interface is the best for issuing PB commands, there is a section aimed at FEAR admins here PBBans Downloads that explains how to set this up.


Now for a quick explanation of vegas and PB :blink:

Right from the outset UBI concentrated on the console version of games the company released, the PC version is pretty much the "poor relation".

This scenario is especially true when it comes to running a Vegas server with PB enabled.

UBI need to release a mega patch to at least give the game a chance of being able to run alongside PB with any effect.

Based on past UBI experiences that will never happen.



PB anti cheat software is the best out there, and when complimented with checks provided by an anti cheat site such as PBBans it becomes a hell of a lot more effective.

If the game itself is "flawed" then no matter how good the anti cheat software is, it will struggle.

You can try opening a troubleticket with PB and ask a few questions click me but I think your questions would be better aimed at UBI themselves.

Pity they dont give 2 hoots about anything once they have your hard earned $ in their pockets.


A lot of info can be had trawling the official forums here

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Thanks for a reply however we have the web server setup but it's a pain to alt tab for some of our members who do not have a 2nd monitor.

Was hoping there was some way to setup an admin by creating some config file to login then the commands could be used from the console.

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Yeah I know that what I am trying to do lmao but I cant make myself an admin to set that all up!.


Seem PB needs to make another release to match up with the latest patch of Vegas and only then it might help.



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